In Need of Social Services? Ask Aunt Bertha

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TED Fellow Erine Gray founded the website Aunt Bertha to help people find social services in their area, quickly and easily. The site was inspired by his own struggle to find help for his mother, who needed special care.

This free-to-use online platform makes it easy for anyone in the U.S. to find and apply for social services — anything from Medicare to food stamps to housing — by typing in a ZIP code. Once you type in your ZIP code, within seconds it pulls in all of the national programs, state programs, county programs, city programs, and then programs that cover just your neighborhood.

If you type in “food pantry,” it pulls in the food pantry programs, organized by how close they are to you. You can filter for other variables—say “seniors.” As you drill in, you get the hours and location, and so on. Or maybe you’re prescribed a prescription drug—say Prozac. You’re uninsured and you don’t have the money for it. It will bring up the Lilly Cares program. Eli Lilly, the manufacturer of Prozac, will give it to you for free if you apply. Read about Erine Gray whose struggles to find help for his mother inspired his founding of Aunt Bertha.