Home Care for Seniors: A Win-Win

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Do you have a spouse or parent who increasingly needs more help at home with dressing or bathing, managing their chronic illness, taking medications? Perhaps your loved one is scheduled for a hip replacement or knee surgery?

Home health care is often a crucial service for seniors who need help managing a chronic disease like heart disease or diabetes, have trouble remembering medications, or are at risk for falling. US News & World Report recently published an article on home care titled: Home Care for Seniors: a Win-Win. Patients do better, families feel safer and aging in place is more likely with home care.

The article states: “What’s not to like? Older adults with disabling conditions get easier access to medical care. Doctors get out of their stuffy offices to make new-age house calls. Nurses hit the road and see what patients really need. Medicare gets the promise of reduced hospital readmissions. Family members get more peace of mind. And most important, seniors get a chance to stay in their homes as long as possible. Home health care in the U.S. comes in many forms. Here are just a few:”

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